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Why choose to live in the Arctic

The Arctic region spreads into eight countries: Sweden, Norway, Alaska, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Canada and Russia. Even the United States has claims to part of the Artic region. The region is very cold due to an abundance of almost year round snow. It is home to about four million people with the indigenous people making up only about 10% of the total population in the area. Recent years have seen an increase in immigration and a large influx of new dwellers that like the easy lifestyle or are attracted to the large number of explorations taking place around the region.

The economic activities include a large degree of dependence on explorations of the large deposits of natural minerals found in the area. The Arctic region boasts of minerals such as oils, metal ores, gas while animal life include reindeer, fish and birds. Tourism has increasing also become an earner for the region as a lot of people are attracted to the constant cold snow habitat and traditional lifestyle of the indigenous people. Since there are only limited employment opportunities, many seniors are forced to make use of reversed mortgages for their financial survival.

Life in the Artic region is cold as the place is predominantly covered with snow and experiences very few hours of sunlight during its long winter period. Among the popular small communities are the Rankin Inlet, Cape dorset, Arviat, Cambridge bay, Pangnirtung and Iqaluit. The Towns are equipped with hospitals, schools, fire departments, store, churches, and police. Installed power stations provide electricity and heat from the cold and snow. Delivery trucks bring in water and while others take away sewage from the area.

The people here are friendly and the area is relatively peaceful and quiet. If you do not mind the cold and the snow the Arctic region is quite a nice place to live in. Explorations of mineral resources are a steady source of employment. The large influx of immigrants might just be one more reason why you may consider living in this region of cold natural splendor.

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